A Happy Attitude Can Carry You Through


Choose To Have A Happy Attitude:

“Being happy does not mean that everything is perfect. It means that you have decided to look beyond the imperfections.” ~ Unknown

It seems like everywhere you turn people are not happy. When you ask them how they are doing they usually shoot back a response like, “I am having a bad day” or “Things have been better” . If you dig deeper, you will find that people are unhappy because of many different reasons.

General stress: These reasons pop up throughout our daily routines and contribute to us having a lousy day, but I suggest that you stop having bad days. Just have bad moments in your day. This is a mind-set that understands you cannot control the issue when it arrives in your day. If you allow the issue to fester, it can actually paralyze you which can cause more issues. This could end up triggering an Issue Avalanche. These are a few tips on how to avoid having a miserable day. Limit the issue to just a inopportune moment in your day.

Money problems: Many money issues happen because we want to live a certain lifestyle that we have not earned. Evaluate your spending and then find small areas where you can cut back. Take the money you were spending and put it into a savings account. This little act begins to multiple and you begin to accumulate wealth. David Bach calls this the Latte Factor in his book Finish Rich. It is a tiny gesture that can give you a lift if you have financial issues.

Relationship Issues: The best way to handle a relationship issue is to confront it head on. If you dance around it, many times the issue never gets resolve. Sooner or later the issue appears again. If the issue cannot be resolved, you must either accept it or move on. Do not keep sweeping it under the rug because you will just end up with a huge pile under a rug. This pile will cause sickness and disease which will lead to more problems even death.

Sickness: This is a tough one. Recently I watched a coworker live through this with her son who had testicular cancer. It was terminal. I watched her as she bored this burden daily. The remarkable thing was that she still smiled and fulfilled her duties daily. As I observed this behavior, I decided to ask her how she does it. She said, “Right now my focus is to make every moment that he has left the best moment of his life. He does not need to see me mourning for him while he is still living.” WOW! She decided to control the issue with a positive attitude. I am sorry to say he passed on, but my coworker still has the same attitude. Her attitude has had an enormous impact on me.

Job Situation: Recently I hired a gentleman that had been out of work for seven months. On his first day in the office, we asked him to introduce himself. He explained how happy he was to have a job after being out of work for so long. He made me realize how lucky I was that I had a job. It made me understand people should not complain about their job. If they are that unsatisfied with their current employer, then change it. Do everyone a favor. Stop rocking the boat and start rowing.

Your Boss: Yes, I will agree there are terrible managers out there in the workplace, but do not let them steal your mojo. You may not be able to control who you work for or what they do or say, but you can control your reaction. Stay focused on your results and hopefully the people above you will notice and promote you. Who knows? Maybe you will end up your boss’s boss.

TV or Radio: These mediums can depress people because most of the news is negative. What your mind takes in you become. This can dramatically change your mood and attitude. If you provide your mind doom and gloom, you will feel doom and gloom. Program your mind with positive things. Meditating or reading something positive will allow your mind the opportunity to counteract the negative information you will take in during the day.

General Stress: This is the Life factor. There are going to be many things that you cannot control that you will encounter that can bring you down. Stop at that moment and do a quick check on whether or not you can control what has happened. If you can, then do something about it. If you cannot, accept the fact that it is out of your control. Happiness is about learning what things you can control and controlling them.

When you have a rotten day, keep in mind that there are many people that would gladly change positions with you. The next time you think you are about to have a bad day, stop to think about the other people that would gladly trade spots with you.

Any day you have the chance to touch your feet to the ground, you are blessed with a gift. Enjoy it!

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