Interviewing Tip: Brag A Little


Interview Tip: Let Your Past Brag For You

Do you know your dominant and secondary styles of leadership and how it can affect the performance and results of your employees? If you are using the wrong style leading your employees, you can create a hostile work environment and slow down production and results. Understanding the kind of leader you is critical when you are trying to move forward and obtain success. Your style may need to change due to the business conditions created by your company, the economy,the objectives and your employee make up. These are the six styles of leadership.

They say talk is cheap especially in an interview. I have interviewed hundreds of candidates. They all say the same thing, “If you hire me, I will be the best sales person you have or “I will give you my best and I will always hit quota. This has become a cliche. For once I would love someone to come in and say, “Hire me and I am going my best, but I am probably going to be one of your projects. You will probably be frustrated by me. I think I would hire that person because of their honesty. I am totally joking.

I never finished that quote earlier. They say talk is cheap, but seeing is believing! I agree with that whole heartily. This is excellent advice for anyone looking, interviewing or going to be on an interview in the future. Have a brag book. This is a powerful tool to gain any position.

The Numbers Don’t Lie: If you are a proven salesperson, you have numbers to show that you are a top selling professional. Take all your reports and numbers and make them a part of your brag book. There is not anything that speaks success like your sales results.

Notes from Managers: This show the interviewer that management thinks highly of you. When your employer gives you documented praise, save it. That means did something noteworthy. Most managers only record performance or behavioral issues. The fact that your manager took the time to recognize your contribution speaks volumes for you.
Testimonials from Customers: These “customers could be the salespeople you have coached or existing customers. The fact that they took the time to give you documented feedback says that you made an impact to their life, business or both.

Personal Notes from Loved Ones: This allow someone to see how you make an impact to your family or significant others in your life. It gives them a peek at the person you are when you are not “on the job. Be careful not to stick to many of these in your brag book.

Company Recognition: This is more influential on company letterhead. This shows the interviewer where you rank or what you did for the organization.

W-2s: This is proof that you made the excellent money at previous companies. Block out any pertinent information, but these are highly recommended for any brag book. This is the real proof!

BONUS TIP: Bring any awards or items that show your success. The proof is in the pudding.

All of these items prove you are the salesperson that they need to hire. We are in an age where people want to see the proof, not just hear about it. Having a brag book is an excellent way of increasing the likelihood of landing the job you would like to receive and do.

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