Recognition: The Power of A Handwritten Note


Recognition That Will Last

“Kind words can be short and easy to speak but their echoes are endless.” ~ Mother Theresa

What a powerful statement by someone who was arguably one of the most influential people of the last century. This is such a true statement. Depending on the words, we will keep them for our lifetime and share them with others throughout it. What is fascinating is how we hold on to negative words versus positive words.

Have you ever received words in the form of email, text or a handwritten note that were not pleasant? After you read it, did you keep it? Did you put it in your special keepsake container and store away to reflect upon when you are having a downcast day? Probably not! If you are like me, you deleted it or crumbled into a ball and threw it away. Even though you threw it away, you can remember the individual and the words they wrote.

I am also sure you have received a kind or thankful email or handwritten note that you have kept. Hopefully, you take it out now and again to reflect upon the person, the words and the reason why you received this superb endorsement of your human spirit.

The point is words can last an eternity. Make them count. With life speeding by, it is essential to take the time to encapsulate moments of gratitude and thanks. Just as the words you chose are important, so is the manner in which it is delivered.

Impersonal to Personal:

Text Messages: On average 5.09 billion text messages are sent a day in the US. A personal message can be easily overlooked and deleted.

Email: They tend to have more value and a personal touch to them because they tend to be longer and more detailed. Email is easy to print and keep.

Handwritten Note: This is the most meaningful because it takes time. For the recipient, there is something exciting about opening a letter or note especially when it is full of positive feelings and thoughts.

4 Keys to a Great Handwritten Note:

1. Be Legible: If you can’t read it, it means nothing.

2. Reference a Personal Point: This draws the reader into the note and helps create a neurological connection; therefore, helping the reader to remember your appreciation or thanks in the future.

3. Be Sincere: Don’t place too much fluff in your note. Get write to the point.

4. Avoid Cheesy Clichés: Choose your thoughts wisely. They will live on. The choice is yours.


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