Rule 7 for Leaders: Set the Right Expectations


Engagement Rule 7 for Leaders: Set the Right Expectations

Imagine you are  going to a friends house for pizza. They tell you it is a causal event.  They tell you it is just going to be a low key gathering of friend in the neighborhood.  So you decide to wear your t-shirt, shorts and flip flops.  However. when you arrive everyone is in a suit and gown. The table is set for a gourmet meal. How would you feel? You would be disappointed, frustrated or angry because you were not give all the information This happens in business all the time when leaders don’t set the right expectations.

Seasoned Leader:Take the time to sit with your people to review your expectations.  Often times the boundary lines of employer and employee relationship get blurred the longer the tenure. It is wise to lay out the expectations one a year at the bare minimum.  Most people would recommend every six months.  I would recommend doing it quarterly because business changes so frequently.

New Leader: This is an excellent opportunity to create the right expectations. Many times a leadership change happens because the operation was not performing to its potential. Now is the time to set the stage for your leadership tenure. If you don’t establish this in the beginning, you lose such a valuable opportunity to “right the ship.” There are limited opportunities as a leader to create a new environment. This is one of them.

Engagement Rule 8 for Leaders: Train Your Coaches.

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