The Extra Mile Principle: Giving Extra Effort


The Extra Mile Principle: Giving Extra Effort

“There is very little traffic on the extra mile.” ~ Unknown

In today’s society, most people try to get by with what they have to do with minimal effort.This is being polite. In fact, most people will give you the bare minimum effort expected so they will not get fired. Today’s employees want to be paid excessive amounts of money for producing the least work. This is why we see so many jobs going overseas. Many Americans are losing jobs due to outsourcing. Our laziness makes other people more money.

I want to change this travesty. I think that we all want to do a tremendous job and be recognized for it in many different ways such as:

  • A Pat on the Back
  • A Promotion
  • More Responsibility
  • More Money
  • A Thank You: Verbally, an Email, a Voice Mail or Hand Written Note.

People are not given this kind of recognition without living the “Extra Mile” Principle. The “Extra Mile” Principle is remarkably easy to understand. Do not expect extra without giving effort. That is the “Extra Mile” Principle in a nut shell.

The problem is that most people do not understand PROI (Personal Return On Investment) for going the “Extra Mile”. Everyone wants instant gratification not realizing that anything worth something does not come without sweat equity and time. We want our fifteen minutes of fame without earning it. With the emergence of technology like the Internet, people can become famous overnight. I believe that these phenomenons are misleading. They may be popular, but that does not mean they will earn any extra.

Use the “Extra Mile” Principle against your competition. See what they are doing and then to a little extra. That little extra will be noticed and talked about by others. The extra exposure is the kind of advertising you want to put you into a position to succeed. When you begin to add the little extra you do to being ordinary, then you become extraordinary. That is what the “Extra” will do for you.

The people that go the “Extra Mile” long term tend to make extra, get recognized extra, appreciated extra and promoted extra. The next time you can to something a little extra, do it.

Remember, there is little traffic on the “Extra Mile”, so drive freely.

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