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Coaching: Death Crawl Coaching

Coaching: Death Crawl

Language: G – General Audience Video Review: Do you have the belief to make dreams happen? Will you give your very best effort? How…

Action: Law of the Pendulum Action

Action: Law of the Pendulum

Language: G – General Audience Review: The Law of the Pendulum states that once any pendulum is released it cannot return to a point…

Kindness: Do It Anyway Kindness

Kindness: Do It Anyway

Kindness: Do It Anyway Language: G – General Audience Review: Even when you don’t feel like being kind or good, do it anyway! It…

Attitude: Just Do It Attitude

Attitude: Just Do It

Language: G – General Audience Review:  Are you allowing your attitude holding you back from achieving your dreams? Stop making excuses about why…

Sales: Why I Stink At Sales Sales

Sales: Why I Stink At Sales

Sales: Why I Stink At Sales Language: G – General Audience Review: Let me tell you why I stink at sales. You may be…