Coaching: Death Crawl

Language: G – General Audience

Video Review: Do you have the belief to make dreams happen? Will you give your very best effort? How many of you are really willing to give your very best? When you give your best, greatness can happen. Allow yourself the chance to find greatness by blindfolding your fears and beliefs. You need great coaching, leadership and having an open mind to tap into your potential. 

Questions to Ponder: 

  • Am I willing to do what is takes to be the best?
  • What type of coaching to I need?
  • Could I be a leader on my team if I opened my mind to what is possible?

Source: Movie – Facing the Giants

About the Movie: Facing the Giants is about a football team that has a poor history of winning.  That is until one day a new coach took over and led a group of young men to the championship game through his coaching and faith. His faith helped transform these group of young men into a team that went on to win the state championship despite the odds.

Length: 5:36

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