Interviewing Question: How Much Money Do You Want To Make?

Interviewing Question: How Much Money Do You Want To Make?

The next time you are on an interview, here is how to answer the question How much money do you want to make? This question tends to be a part of any good interview. The key to this question is to identify the parameters. You need to know what the potential is before you can give a sensible answer. Find out what the best and mid level employees make. If you respond with 100K and the best person makes 90K then, you will seem a little ridiculous. This is not to say you cannot make the 100K. It is good to show that you are hungry, but be realistic. It works in reverse too. If you are to make 70K at quota and you respond with 65K, then you could place doubt in the interviewer’s opinion about your ability to make your quota.

Quota Pay: If you have never made close to quota income before, be prepared to answer how you are going to hit that mark. Many employers believe that you will slow down once you achieve your personal goal. Take the example from above. The most money you have ever made was 50K. You want to make 65K. Once you reach that mark, you slow down because you have already made 15K more than your best year, but you still fell short of target by 5K. The thought of you missing quota pay scares employers.

Goal Oriented: Explain to the employer why you want to make the earning goal. You do not need to go into extensive detail or get to personal, but it shows the interviewer that you are goal oriented and gives them a clear understanding of what and why you want to make 100K. Tell the interviewer about the importance of the goal and how it will change your life or your family life. Employers want to hire goal-oriented people that have strong desires or purposes in life. This is more likely to ensure that the prospective employee will work hard every day.

Reminder: The key to any interview is preparing answers for possible questions the interviewer may ask.

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