KISS Communication: Keep It So Simple

KISS Communication: Keep It So Simple

Have you ever tried explaining something so simple and ended up confusing the person listening? Why do we get all hung up on the details? People feel the need to elaborate on such mundane points and end up turning people off. This could take place in your personal or business life. It happens all the time. I have seen it most frequently in the office communication between salespeople and managers and on sales calls between the salesperson and client.

The reason we do it is that we want to separate ourselves from our competition which can be both internal and external. So it is at that moment we begin to “puke” up all the details. As we begin “hurling” all the facts and details, the person listening starts to get agitated almost sick. This is because they didn’t ask to hear about all of those facts. At that moment, they begin to either get confused or start turning you off in their mind. When it is time to close, they give you the excuse, “I need to think about it.” The worst part about it is when you follow up they tell you no. I have seen so many sales people sell themselves right out of the sale.

The next time you plan on “throwing up” remember this little quote:

“Don’t tell me how they built the watch, just tell me the time.”

If that one didn’t hit you right between the eyes, maybe this one will.

“Don’t tell me about the labor pains, show me the baby.”

The points of these quotes are that people don’t want to hear about all the complications, details or features. They want to know WIIFM (What’s In It For Me). By giving them less at times, they will begin to ask you questions. This is a major buying sign. Then you share the details or facts that will answer their question. Stop there until they ask the next question.

Most of the time the salesperson is too busy talking that they miss the buying signal or that they don’t listen to the client’s words or body language. This is why we lose sales. It is not because of our product or service, but because of us!

This is why you want to K.I.S.S. everything. Notice I didn’t say everyone, but I said everything. K.I.S.S. stands for Keep It So Simple. Everything could be a conversation with your spouse, manager, friend, family member, customer, a training or a business meeting. When you K.I.S.S. your conversations, you will be able to listen more and uncover the solutions to their problems or needs; therefore you will be able to turn their questions or thoughts into sales

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