An Open Letter to My Manager

An Open Letter to My Manager

Dear Sales Manager,

How often I’ve heard you say that you’d like me to work at my full potential, exceed my quota, become a superstar. You may not believe it, but nothing would make me happier. Since we have similar goals, I though I would jot down some ways you can help me.

1) Give me products to sell that are fairly priced and competitively featured so that I have an equal chance to compete in the marketplace.

2) Provide the training and education I need to represent the company in a competent professional manner and not make a fool of myself in front of customers. I realize that I’ll learn a lot from the actual experience but start me off right.

3) Back me up with internal support I need to service my customers in a way that leads to repeat business and long term relationships.

4) Set realistic targets and quotas for me and reward me well if my performance is truly superior. I know the consequences if I don’t “cut the mustard.”

5) Let me know in no uncertain terms what you and the company expect of me so that we all have a clear understanding of what a good performance looks like. Let me have some input into these expectations.

6) Work with me in the field to help improve my productivity by observing me in action and giving me helpful feedback even if it hurts a little. A little “show and tell” on your part would be useful also.

7) Convince me that things are not as bad as they seem when I get down. I don’t always see the big picture.

8) Push me when you know I’m sloughing off. I may not like it, but in my heart I know I need it. Care about me as a person without being overly intrusive into my personal life.

9) Criticize my actions when I goof up, but don’t devalue my personal worth. Show me what I should do the next time.

10) Admit when you, yes even you, my sales manager screws up. That will only prove you’re a real person and I’ll respect you more.

11) Give me credit for my successes, even when it may not have been entirely due to my own efforts. It makes me feel good about myself and I sell better when that occurs.

12) Stimulate me with some strong contests where I can compete, have some fun and win some prizes.

13) Help me maintain a strong self-image in the face of countless turn downs, disappointments and defeats.

14) Make me feel part of a team that I can be proud of and make me proud of my boss.

15) Treat me and deal with me as an individual – not just one of your crew.

16) Be honest with me so I can trust you and your word. Keep me informed about our company, it’s plans and long range strategy.

17) Go to bat for me with the company when you think I’ve got a good case – even if it’s unpopular with higher management.

18) Respect my time – don’t ask me to cancel my plans at the last minute, unless it’s absolutely necessary.

19) Help me develop in my career by suggesting reading material, DVD’s and sending me to training seminars, etc.

20) Give me a chance to grow by allowing me to fail once in awhile – and learn by the experience.

21) Try to see the world through my eyes.

22) When we visit account together, don’t relegate me to a minor role. Show the customer your confidence in my by allowing me to run the show.

23) I know that neither of us is perfect and you won’t be able to do all the above all the time, but I’ll settle for a real effort.

Please take these requests serious because their payoffs are great for you and me.

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