The Perspective of Three

The Perspective of Three

Here is a list that you can contemplate for your life.  It will certainly make you think and may shift your thought process.

Three things in life that never come back once gone:

1. Time: Anyone’s most precious commodity. You cannot replenish or replace time. Use each minute carefully.

2. Words: Choose them wisely. Your words can live on for years or generations. Once released, you can never collect them.

3. Opportunity: Sometimes it knocks softly; other times loudly. Be prepared when it does to take advantage of it. Opportunities are like shooting stars; you have to be looking at the sky to see them.

Three things in life that can destroy a person:

1. Anger: This can eat at you like termites in a house. They are difficult to spot until something breaks. Anger works the same way. You may not see it destroying you until it is too late.

2. Pride: They say pride goes before the fall, but they do not say that many times it is on your face. Just remember that others have contributed to your success. Do not let your results take you down. Remain humble and grateful.

3. Forgiveness: Be able to forgive is half of the equation. Be able to forget is the other half. Do not let what others have done to destroy your spirit.

Three things in life that you should never lose:

1. Hope: This is the “spirit” in all of us that allows us the desire to continue even when life is stacked against us.

2. Peace: Life little secret can be overlooked by the noise of those that cannot find it. When you find peace, grab hold and do not let go of it.

3. Honesty: Good, bad or indifferent, honesty is a virtue that most people under value. Be honest with everyone. When you do not, it can lead to anger and aggravation for all parties involved.

Three things in life that are most valuable:

1. Love: When you find this, never let go of it. Realize it takes work and effort to keep it alive. Love is like a fire. If you do not give it oxygen, it will die.

2. Family and Friends: One of these you can choose and the other you cannot. Regarding your family, remember you only get one so accept and enjoy them. When you find a “friend”, hold tight. They are rare and irreplaceable.

3. Kindness: Do not over look this little virtue. This is something that will live on for years. Never under estimate the value of a kind word, deed, or gesture.

Three things in life that are never guaranteed:

1. Fortune: This is something that is earned over a series of difficult decisions. There is not a guarantee that says you will receive this if you make intelligent decisions. If you are lucky to receive fortune, pay it forward.

2. Success:This is about hard work and perspective. If you think just because you pay your dues you will have success, you could be wrong. Just ask our 16th President of the United States, Abe Lincoln. He failed at many different parts of his life until he became President.

3. Dreams: Dream big! There is not any way to determine whether you will live your dreams, but if you are going to take the time to dream make it BIG! Do not let anyone tell you that your dream is over. Only you can determine when your dream is not achievable. Protect your dreams.

Three things in life that make a person:

1. Commitment: People will not forget when you live up to your commitment. Whether you deliver to their standards or not, no one can take the fact that you tried and lived.

2. Sincerity: Everyone can determine whether you are genuine or not. People have a way to determine if you have your or their best interest at heart. Live the way you want to be remembered.

3. Hard Work: This is an unknown for everyone. Your results will determine your hard work. If you give your best every day, your body of hard work will be rewarded.

ACTION: Stop to reflect and ponder on these for a moment. It can provide profound insight.

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