21 Rules of Engagement for Leaders

21 Rules of Engagement for Leaders

It is essential to understand that a leader is out in front of their people; otherwise if you are behind  your people therefore a follower.

People want to be led and not pushed. It is said that a leader that has no one following them is on a walk.

Here are 21 rules that can help any new or seasoned leader in their position lead a group or team. These rules will help bridge the gap from your previous position or remind you of things you need to do in your leadership role.

Each rule is time and battle tested.

Here are the list of rules:

  1. Huddle with Your Coaches
  2. Avoid the Change Plaque
  3. Interview Your Crew
  4. Remember the Sweetest Sound In the World
  5. Empower Your Leaders
  6. Influence the Real Leaders
  7. Set the Right Expectations
  8. Train Your Coaches
  9. Remember You are a Role Model
  10. Stay Balanced
  11. Be the Master of Your Domain
  12. You are the Navigator
  13. Show Your Human Side
  14. You are the U in Urgency
  15. Stay Open to News from the Front Line
  16. Avoid Analysis Paralysis
  17. Be Respected Before Liked
  18. Walk a Mile in Their Shoes
  19. Hire Only the Cream of the Crop
  20. Optimize or Recycle
  21. Live the Levels of Leadership

Click on any of the rules of leadership to have a deeper understanding of the rule.

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